How To Get Wine Out Of Carpet

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So you just got done emulating the movie Sideways, and now you have a Pinot Noir stain on your bleach white carpeting. It’s time to act fast. Speed read this article on how to get wine out of carpet, and then get busy. Why? Because once a wine stain settles into carpeting, especially red wine, it’s nearly impossible to get out.

Club soda is one amazingly powerful cleaner. It can be used to clean window glass, dry clean only clothing, and yes it even gets those stubborn red wine stains out of carpeting. To get started, simply saturate and blot the area of concern. Do not rub or smear the stain with a rag. Why? Well, if the club soda is unable to remove the stain, then you are only compounding the problem by increasing the size of the stain.

If the stain is starting to fade, but not fully removed, then repeat the process as many times as necessary. Dry the area with a clean towel once the stain has been fully extracted from the carpeting.

Try not to use any form of tap water to remove a wine stain from carpeted or cloth surfaces. In most cases, tap water is hard and will only cause the stain to set. This can be problematic. A better choice would be a filtered reverse osmosis water, as it is much softer.

Now what do you do if you don’t have club soda, or reverse osmosis water? Believe it or not, if it is a red wine stain then white wine can be used to do the trick. Use the same methods as described above, just substitute white wine as your cleaning agent, and remember to dab the carpeting as opposed to scrubbing it.

There’s also a third option, a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture. First apply hydrogen peroxide and blot the area. Then apply baking soda with a light scrubbing motion. This is extremely helpful on very light colored carpeting.

If all else fails, and your pantry and wine cellar is void of any of these supplies, then run to your local wine or liquor store as they may carry a product called Wine Away. We haven’t used this product, but have heard wonderful things about it.

If after trying the above tactics and your stain is still evident, and now set, you may want to consult a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning contractor with the Caretaker Plus. Most contractors in this field carry solvents that are not readily available to the public, and could save your carpeting.

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